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How It Began... Several years ago when I became the director of a Sunday School department at my church, I became aware of the need to put names with faces of the members of the department.

That was the beginning of ClassMembers.org. Since that time I have introduced the site (or one very similar) to several other departments where it is being used with great success. There have been so many requests for a similar site from department directors and church administrative staff that we decided to make the site available to other churches.

How It Changes... Most of the functionality in ClassMembers.org has been born of requests from members currently using the site. Many departments will not have a need for all the functionality contained in the site and many will find needs that are not fulfilled by it. If you fit into the later group, we would love to hear from you to see if we can help.

We have a "Contact Us" page which we would love you to use to send us suggestions for improving the site. It is also available if you have questions concerning the site that you don't find answers to elsewhere. We attempt to answer all emails that are submitted. While it may not be prudent to implement all suggestions we will consider any change that we feel will improve the site.

What It Contains... The site contains several pages which are to improve recognition and community among members of a department. It also has several pages which are to help with the communication to and among members. There are some pages in the site that literally can become anything you want them to be. There is a lot of flexibility built into several of the pages. We will list some of the uses we are aware of for pages today. We feel sure you can find other uses as well. As you do, please make us aware so we can share your ideas with others.


  • Update Member Profile Page (updated by the individual member)
  • Departmental Calendar (updated by department members)
  • Prayer Requests (updated by department members) emailed to all members)
  • Recipes (updated by department members)
  • Announcements (updated by department administrator) (emailed to all members)
  • View Members Photos / Profiles (Active, Inactive, All)
  • Phone/Address List - with or without photos of members
  • Periodic Memory Verses to Challenge members (updated by department administrator) emailed to all members)
  • Visitation Guidelines (updated by department administrator)
  • Visitation Reporting Form - emailed to list provided by department administrator
  • Email Blast - create your own lists of groups to email
  • Extra pages to create whatever your department needs
    • Helping the homeless guidelines
    • Widows visitation guidelines
    • Schedule of Who’s bringing food to class
    • Upcoming lessons
Here is a preview of some of the pages contained in the site:
Contact us today to learn how your organization will improve connectivity with your member community through ClassMembers.org!


Welcome New Members
If your organization is new to ClassMembers.org we want to welcome you. If you have any difficulty with the site please contact our help desk. We want your experience here to be a good one and we will do whatever we can to help.

About this site
For information about this site, how it started, what it contains, how you can benefit, click here.

Get More Involved
We believe in improving our site and the best way to do that is to have people like you who are using the site give us suggestions as to how to improve it. We probably will not implement every suggestion, but we may implement yours. Please visit the Contact Us page to tell us how we can make the site better for everyone. Thank you.

Need some Help?
If someone in your organization has questions about what or how to set up to get everything running correctly, we have on-line training pages which explain how to do most things. These are available after you login to the site. If you don't find the answers there go to our Contact Us page and send us your questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can. It is important to us that your experience here to be a good one and we will do whatever we can to help.


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